Respectfully to: Partners and Customers

First of all, let Asia Media Vietnam send our respectful greetings, wishes for health, well-being and prosperity to our valued partners and customers.

Asia Media Vietnam was established in 2005. After 15 years of having operated in the OOH – DOOH field with a lot of  endeavours and efforts, Asia Media is now pleased to launch the OOH – DOOH SYSTEM in Vietnam by completely using the technology to complete the sales process (from quotation, presentation, contract, warranty, …… ..), with just a few seconds, sales staff can quickly select orders and customers receive Immediately quotes, presented records extremely professionally.

Asia Media would like to send to our Partners, customers a detailed introduction video of OOH – DOOH system via website:

Through video, Partners, Customers, especially sales staff can easily grasp the order of execution, quickly approach and perform OOH and DOOH transactions. It takes all only a few seconds to make a transaction via OOH – DOOH System made by Asia Media.

Through the OOH – DOOH system, Asia Media desires to connect all panel owners (OOH and DOOH nationwide) to share resources in order to provide customers who demand to perform the OOH – DOOH advertising. nationwide. With the goal of responding to the service and providing it the fastest to customers.

Asia Media Vietnam would like to provide the system experiencing channels including:  

  • :performing an advertising campaign in just 5 seconds
  • : sharing over 2000 positions OOH – DOOH in Vietnam
  • : Connect digitally (all social media channels), uploaded news / videos at Twoctv channel developed by Asia Media – product communication
  • :Writing product communication articles for partners and customers on E-magazine magazine
  • Internet TV: The latest and hottest news are regularly reported through weekly / monthly / quarterly issues with topics related to “OOH-DOOH MARKET VIETNAM”; hot news about new advertising campaigns; The most impressive marketing campaign will be broadcast through Asia TV – OOH and DOOH

With the systematic utilities and communicative combo package, Asia Media Vietnam hopes to bring the most benefits to our Partners and customers in order to connect conveniently and transact the most quickly and effectively.

On behalf of Asia Media Vietnam, We wish the valued Partners and Customers a lot of health and success.

Yours sincerely!