In the context of constantly increasing global advertising demand, AIG proudly introduces its outstanding capabilities and looks forward to participating in the "24TH SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL ADVERTISING EXHIBITION". Through this open letter, AIG opens opportunities for trade cooperation and exchange with countries around the world in the advertising industry, creating new opportunities for development and expansion of international relations.

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Asia Investment Group Company Limited (AIG), one of the leading advertising companies in Vietnam. We pride ourselves on our strong ability to create success. With a decade of operation and development in the industry, AIG has built a prestigious and classy name in the advertising community.

AIG’s strength lies in its ability to provide a comprehensive range of advertising services, meeting a diverse range of customer needs. In particular, AIG specializes in Out-Of-Home (OOH) and Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH), outdoor and digital advertising platforms. With a large OOH advertising network and advanced DOOH technology, AIG brings breakthrough and effective advertising solutions to brands.

In addition, AIG also provides advertising services including LCD, LED,… and many other modern technologies, creating unique and impressive advertising experiences for customers. The ability to integrate traditional and digital advertising media helps AIG meet all requirements from branding to increasing engagement and reaching target audiences.

The important thing is that AIG is not only an advertising service provider but also a strategic partner, always accompanying customers in their business development journey. AIG’s professionalism, creativity and commitment have created trust and continued success in the advertising field.

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AIG is not only a leading advertising service provider but also a trusted address in applying advanced technology to business activities. Committed to continuously improving quality and performance, AIG continuously invests in the development of products and technology transfer services to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers.

BOX - Broadcast software
BOX is an advanced online broadcasting software that allows businesses to deliver advertisements and content directly to customers across multiple platforms, including social networks, digital devices, websites and mobile devices,... With a simple and easy-to-use interface, businesses can easily create broadcast schedules, edit content and track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns...
EX-DOOH - Advertising placement floor
With the desire to create a commercial trading floor for investment, buying and selling, consignment, and developing locations nationwide to meet customers and board owners. AIG has established an OOH - DOOH outdoor advertising floor in Vietnam. Up to 10,000 current successful product positions will partly help board owners and sales units easily capture information, implement and promote products to customers in the most convenient way.
ADTECH - Electronic equipment trading floor was launched in 2020, with the purpose of introducing and displaying products such as equipment, technology and materials specialized in Vietnamese advertising to customers who are advertising companies, investors or Businesses who want to carry out communication campaigns for their brands as well as those of their partners.
APP SALE - Quotation system
App Sale will help sales staff as well as advertising board owners participating in the AIG ecosystem be proactive in making quotes, working and quickly closing contracts. At the same time, this system also helps us have a rich source of data, update and store data for up to 5 - 10 years. Sales staff are proactive about working opportunities, create an effective working environment, grasp many sales policies and high incentives, build and develop customer sources and a level 2 sales system. , level 3, thereby contributing to increased income and job opportunities.
ERP - Enterprise management system
ERP software allows AIG company to combine and manage information from different departments such as accounting, finance, risk management, customer and supply chain management, etc. Through the creation of one With a centralized database, departments can share information consistently, while minimizing information dispersion and duplication. This helps AIG improve internal interactions and collaboration, create consensus, and enhance its ability to respond quickly to changes in the business environment.


E-MAGAZINE - Electronic magazine
E-magazine with the goal of communicating brands and products to customers, creating added value when customers book positions on the AIG system. All products and images of customers will be updated immediately on the E-magazine channel system. The content of the article has been upgraded, keeping the correct message conveying the customer's brand image and products to consumers. This is an opportunity that businesses should seize so that their brands can reach more customers because we support completely free services.
TWOCTV channel was born to serve the D-OOH advertising market with the 3-in-1 function of social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and zalo. Connect Digitally, post newsletters/videos with content: trade, news, investment... built by AsiaMedia - product communication brings to customers who have been, are, or will be AIG's partners the Absolutely satisfied with superior features no less than other popular social networking sites.
LANDING PAGE - Single site
Landing Page is a single website located in the E-magazine channel that operates independently to communicate products and present useful details of the products. Landing Page was designed by AIG with an interface and content that only refers to a specific product on the page; Provide detailed product information to customers. Landing Page goals are run according to each campaign and are constantly changed when new products are launched. Bringing the most positive information to domestic and foreign consumers, writing articles without charge, providing maximum support for communication work for Customers.

We would like to send this letter to our partners and investors in the hope of opening up new cooperation opportunities and building close team relationships. Our professionalism and commitment will not only bring value to the project but also bring sustainable success to both parties. We look forward to receiving positive feedback from you to promote future ideas and projects together.


Dear Sirs,

We, AIG Advertising Company, would like to send you our warmest greetings. We are very pleased and excited to write this letter to express our deep desire to participate in the 24th Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition.

With nearly 20 years in the industry, we are proud of the experience and capabilities we have accumulated. AIG is committed to bringing innovative and effective advertising solutions to markets around the world.

We appreciate the importance of Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition 2024 as an opportunity not to be missed. This is the ideal place to expand trade cooperation opportunities, share knowledge, experience and learn from partners, advertisers and leading experts in the world. We believe that participating in this event will help us strengthen our partnerships, expand our business horizons and develop the global advertising market.

We hope that, through exchanges at Shanghai Expo 2024, we can build trustworthy and lasting relationships together. We believe that cooperation will bring new opportunities and long-term value to both parties.

Best regards!

Chairman of the board

AIG Communications 


We look forward to receiving positive feedback from you to promote future ideas and projects together!

Hanh Duong